Grounds Maintenance Hanover PA

Grounds maintenance is the art of making sure that your landscape is beautiful, safe, healthy and clean. We use knowledge, tools, skills, supplies and physical effort to plan and offer periodic or annual lawn maintenance and care services.



Commercial Lawn Care Hanover PA

Our company targets school districts, businesses, residential property owners, industrial facilities, community apartments and associations of homeowners as major customers. We tailor our grounds maintenance services to suit the unique needs of every property and its owners.

The focus of our company is to meet the needs of our customers and surpass their expectations by far. We also offer mowing services that cover large areas such as open fields, vacant plots, freeway slopes and roadways. Every season we cut at least 300 miles of freeway grass for the Transportation Department of Hanova.

Our team of experienced and talented lawn care professionals adopt practices and philosophies that have been time-tested. That ensures that you receive top quality lawn care Hanova PA services and care all year round, especially in summer, spring and fall. Our system ensures every program is tailored to a client’s personal preferences.

It ensures that every program can develop a package for grounds maintenance services. As a result, your business gets to meet its financial objectives and general project

A grounds maintenance Hanova PA involves price estimation, a team of workers, job time schedules and expected deliverables.


Ground Maintenance Price Estimation

We maintain a team of professionals with extensive knowledge on landscape assessment to help with price estimations. They visit each lawn or landscape in person to quantify available and related attributes. Our team does not use square footages to make price estimates.
They offer annual bed and landscape measurements, including location and counts of shrubs and trees that require maintenance. The team is invaluable to offering you the most competitive price quotes.

Ground Maintenance Price Estimation

Our field workers are well-trained professionals who work hard to deliver unmatched ground maintenance services to our esteemed customers. Without them, we’d not be able to offer you lawn care and maintenance services. Our team comprise of mowing, improvement and weeding crews.

Whereas our mowing workers cut grass, weeding crews remove weeds from your lawn, gardens or yard. They also edge turf areas to shape your landscape. On the other hand, improvement workers work on specialized jobs. They install and improve landscapes, with their jobs ranging from tree trimming and irrigation to installation of annual flowers and fertilization.

Our field supervisors are certified and cover a specific area, working in direct liaison with monitoring and quality control, and field workers at their respective locations. They communicate with other team members to respond to questions on service schedule and quality control.

Available 24/7, our account managers are assigned to each project at hand. They also respond to questions regarding contract and content changes, landscape improvements and any other extra services.

Commercial Lawn Care Hanova PA Service Schedules and Deliverables

Our commercial lawn care services are similar to residential services. We work from Monday to Friday, offering the best of lawn care and maintenance services. The frequency of scheduled services depends on clients’ conditions on site and personal preferences.

Our commercial lawn care Hanova PA program include various lawn maintenance services our customers often use.
They include trimming, mowing, edging, fertilization, turf aeration, shrub pruning, lighting, runoff drainage, path maintenance, irrigation, gardening, weeding, garden care, enhancement of topsoil, etc.

If you’re looking for grounds maintenance and commercial lawn care in Hanover PA, contact us for more information.