Professional Mulching
Hanover PA

Mulching can benefit your lawn, garden and landscape at large in many ways. It can save you money, time and labor, whether you’re overturning lawn clippings or using mulching leaves. It can nourish and amend your soil to improve the health of your lawn or garden.



Professional Mulching & Gardening In Hanover PA

When mulching, bagging, raking or hauling of clippings or leaves is not necessary. Mulch can be inorganic or organic, or both, as you deem fit. Some common types of mulch we’ll use on your lawn include the following:

  • Stones
  • Chips
  • Wood shavings
  • Bark chips
  • Grass clippings
  • Plastic
  • Cocoa hulls
  • Straw

We lay the mulch material of choice on your topsoil layer around the garden trees, shrubs or vegetables in your garden, bed or lawn. Mulching is an integral part of our lawn care and maintenance process because it’s beneficial in many ways. Mulch suffocates weeds and prevents them from growing.

It leaves your plants with enough nutrients and other resources they need to grow without competing with weeds for them. Secondly, it reduces soil compaction when it rains heavily, especially during the rainy season. When organic mulch rots, it adds nutrients to soil and makes it rich in organic matter.

Additionally, mulching helps maintain and track soil temperature for proper growth of your plants. It covers the topsoil and prevents water that has seeped beneath from evaporating, ensuring your plants have sufficient water at all times. It also means more water sip down to reach roots in soil. Furthermore, it can give your property a uniform and attractive appearance


Gardening And

Planting Beds Hanover PA

Also known as garden boxes, raised garden beds are ideal for growing flowers and vegetables in your yard or garden, even if the available space is small. Garden boxes or container gardening keep weeds growing in your pathways far from your gardening soil.
It also supports good soil drainage, prevents compaction of soil and creates a barrier between pests such as snails and slugs and your garden. Bed sides prevent soil erosion during heavy rain, ensuring no water is washed away. It also means your gardens can be started early because soil in beds or boxes are warm and drain better than traditional garden soil.

Affordable Hanover Mulching And Gardening

We can install a raised garden bed of your choice in your yard. They come in all kinds of materials to choose from. Moreover, they’re easy to make or setup. Raised garden beds raise the level of soil, eliminating back strains while tending your garden or bed. It means you can work on your raised bed either while sitting or standing, but not bending as in traditional gardens. You’ll find this helpful, especially if you suffer from back pain or you’re of old age and can’t stand for long.
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Garden planters, unlike raised beds, feature bottoms to ensure no soil falls out. The planters are elevated to help achieve that. The slatted bottoms have a semi-permeable barrier made from a piece of cloth to support water drainage into soil. On the other hand, raised garden beds have open bottoms to allow the roots of plants to grow into the ground.

We can help mulch your garden or set up the right beds as you deem necessary. Contact us for more information about our mulching services in Hanover PA.