Winter Snow Removal Hanover PA

We offer winter snow removal and snow plowing services in Hanover PA. We service residential and commercial properties across the region. We’ve invested in a state-of-the-art high-tech equipment fleet for snow removal. Our team is committed to customer satisfaction with every snowfall, offering professional and prompt snow clearing services.



Fast And Affordable Winter Snow Removal Hanova PA

Snow removal and plowing are often used interchangeably, but they have different meanings. Whereas snow removal involves clearing snow out of your property, plowing simply pushes it to a certain section on your site. We often offer snow removal services to commercial businesses and urban lots.

Many commercial businesses own large parking lots that often get filled with snow, leaving no space for keeping it. Similarly, small urban plots don’t have extra space for storing snow after plowing it. Unlike snow plowing, snow removal is more costly because it involves scooping up of snow and moving it to a different site.


Snow Plowing Hanova PA

Our lawn care company offers snow plowing to residential properties in Hanova PA. With residential homes, snow can be piled on space that often remain along driveways or on the lawn. They can stay in the areas until spring. Unlike snow removal services, snow plowing is more cost-effective.

We offer management services of the snow set aside in certain residential areas. Whether you opt for snow removal or plowing services, our team can get the job done.

Our Hanover Snow Removal Services Include:

Front Walkways Clearing – Our team uses a mechanical broom or a shovel to clear snow off the front of walkways. Usually, many people only clear the walkways front, leaving other paths unattended to.

Driveways Clearing – We use a snow blower with attachment to a skid steer or a plow to clear snow off your driveway. Whereas narrow driveways with obstacles take time to clear, wider driveways are easier and faster to clear, hence less costly.

De-icing Products Usage – Our team uses a combination of salt and sand on walkways and driveways to prevent ice form building up. The best products for de-icing totally depends on your region and prevailing temperature. Acetate de-icing products are less harmless to plants, atop being less corrosive.

Snow Removal from Roofs – Snow can fall off roofs and block entries at the front door or crush landscaping plants. However, that depends on your architecture. We use a shovel to remove the snow off your roof and prevent avoidable disasters or losses. Depending on your budget choose to get snow off your property or simply get it pushed aside to pave way for easy movement.

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